Moai – Easter Island mysterious statues

Check out this cool representations of the mysterious statues on the Easter Island (Rapa Nui) built by Matija Grguric.


Moai, originally uploaded by Matija Grguric.

2 thoughts on “Moai – Easter Island mysterious statues

  1. Fernando says:

    Nice work! Congratulations Matija😉

    And good to see back to posting Guilherme!!
    Even yesterday I was thinking to myself – Almost 6 months without posting… Should I remove this, from the list of blogs that I follow, on TBs!?
    Maybe I should have thought about that, sometime earlier… ;D

    • Yeah! I’ve been only updating Flickr History Bricks group in the past six months. My work takes too much time of my personal life and that was the main reason I stopped updating the blog. But I’m back with a new ideas also🙂
      Thanks for the welcome!

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