PLUG Exhibition in El Corte Inglés (Lisbon)

Hi everyone! It has been a busy week but I hope to catch up the news this weekend, with new MOCs to talk about. But today I would like to advertise the most recent exhibition organized by the Portuguese LEGO User Group (PLUG) in El Corte Inglés at Lisbon.

Due to time constraints, this year my participation in the exhibition is very modest with only two MOCs of the old Lisbon trams and a few Star Wars sets. Today I took some time and went to visit the exhibition in the 7th floor. I must say that the overall quality of PLUG’s exhibition is getting better and better as time passes by. Here’s some photos of what you can find (sorry for the poor quality but they were taken with my phone).

One of the cool aspects of this exhibition is the great number of MOCS representing landmarks and other Portuguese features such as the trains and trams.

You can find more photos at the gallery of other PLUG members:

  • Conchas’ gallery at brickshelf – click here;
  • Ricardo S’s gallery at brickshelf – click here;



3 thoughts on “PLUG Exhibition in El Corte Inglés (Lisbon)

  1. Conchas says:

    I was great fun, to help prepare and setup this event!😀

    The Main Station is not St Apolónia, but a fictional station instead, by Nascimento.😉

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