She’s a which! Burn her.

The satire of discovering if someone is a which, immortalized by Monty Pythons in Holy grail, hides a dark reality of middle ages. Matija Grguric shows us that reality on a series of three vignettes.

“Mother is making a warm meel for her sick child. She heard that this recipe will make him healthier.”

“Priest and warrior break into her house. Priest claims that he has a legal documents which says that she is a witch. Warrior kicks her and forces her to leave her home.”

“Another useless punishment is done.”

See the three scenes at flickr.

2 thoughts on “She’s a which! Burn her.

  1. LegoDood says:

    ummm… priest ever burned witches…..that was the puritans….who ironically also were against Catholics….but dont let that stop you….

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