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Pictorial Map of Europe

September 10, 2014

Great work by Matt Base representing Europe’s countries with some of the most iconic monuments. The micro scale work is amazing. Thumbs up also for the map itself!
Pictorial Map of Europe
Pictorial Map of Europe by Matt Bace

Horse-drawn tram (summer version) – Cracow 1883

July 21, 2014

Horse-drawn tram (summer version) - Cracow 1883
Horse-drawn tram (summer version) – Cracow 1883 by Karwik

Todeslager the Nazi death camp

November 21, 2010

Yoshix built Todeslager, his representation of one of the many Nazi death camps. It’s always a delicate subject to talk about but in my opinion it’s positive to remember the facts. History should not be forgotten.

Concerning the MOC, the overall design is good, such as the tower, but the fence is my favorite detail!

See more pictures here.

In his post, Yoshix refers to the most controversial LEGO sets of all time, the Nazi camp‘s built by an artist – Zbigniew Libera – to the Jewish Museum in New York.

Great War frontline

April 24, 2010

Kris Kelvin built an amazing representation of the Great War western front. The pieces of artillery and the vehicles have great details and together with the minifigs made a very interesting historical picture.

See the whole gallery here.


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