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Colonial Harbor

August 7, 2014

Maydayartist presented at Eurobricks this gorgeous colonial harbor.
He applied simple techniques but getting a brilliant result in the end!
Among all details I would like to highlight the cobblestone street that looks great.

Colonial Harbor
Colonial Harbor by maydayartist

The Battle of St. Lucia by Mark

August 3, 2014

The Battle of St. Lucia
The Battle of St. Lucia by Mark of Falworth

Remake of #6265-1: Sabre Island

July 23, 2014

What a wonderful remake of the classic LEGO set  #6265-1: Sabre Island :)
Among all details of the MOC I would like to highlight the sea waves approaching the beach.


Sabre Island
Sabre Island by Letranger Absurde


Original LEGO set

6265-1 Sabre Island

Cove Island Map

July 12, 2014

Cove Island Map

Cove Island Map by Sir Valiant

Treasure Island

September 17, 2013

Recent featured on TBB

Treasure Island

Incredible finding from TBB of this street inspired on the Treasure Island romance and built by Matthew Hurt. Every house has its peculiarities and fine details, with close historical allusions with pirates and the age of discovery.

Imperial Trading Post

February 27, 2011

Great remake of the 6277 Imperial Trading Post built by NewRight. He had done a great job with lots of detail improvements. However, I must say that he forgot to build one storehouse with a crane at the top. Nevertheless the MOC is just awesome!!!


Imperial Trading Post, originally uploaded by NewRight.

The Fort as Isla D’Or

January 23, 2011

This is one more great fortress by 2 Much Caffeine. I loved the technique used to build the roof, the wooden sticks on the wall and how he built the well in the center.


The Fort as Isla D’Or, originally uploaded by 2 Much Caffeine.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean – NEW Pictures

January 15, 2011

A German toy store published a set of pictures that appear to be a preview of the brand new LEGO sets of the Pirates of Caribbean theme.

They are very small pictures but is enough to preview some details. Hope LEGO don’t find them any soon. Nevertheless, here’s the gallery with the pictures :-)

Here’s the full list of Pirates of the Caribbean sets:

Rocky Reef Hideout

October 20, 2010

Good news this evening! Derfel Cadarn publish a new MOC and I would expect it is an amazing and detailed construction. The concept of the small islands connected with wooden bridges is great but the small house is my favorite spot. The stone walls with the wooden planks remind me a bit of Monkey Island.

See more pictures here.

Blimey, Pirates!

October 3, 2010

Zack Milenius (aka NewRight) presented a cool MOC of a classic battle between the Colony Soldiers and Pirates. The rocks and fort’s wall follow very good construction techniques in addition to other small details such as the pile of wood and the small boat’s water-trail. But also has some strange and uncommon features… Why did he place the cannons randomly through the wall? I like the cannons but I can’t understand why he place them like this. At first I thought that were enemy fire hitting the wall but then… And why the pirate is rowing backwards?

These small and uncommon features almost stopped me of posting this MOC, but I really liked the overall design and the other good details. Plus, the construction technique of the wall is great and deserves to be publicized.

See more pictures here.


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