Japanese Warships

Eínon presented a highly detailed naval display of Japanese warships. These ships are part of a fictitious history that he named “Second Russo-Japanese War” and took place in 1947, in a world where the Second World War never happened.
Japanese Warships
Japanese Warships by Eínon

Red Dojo

ACPin presents this wonderful red dojo showing warriors preparing to battle. Check out the great details of the vegetation and the dojo’s entrance.


Red Dojo, originally uploaded by ACPin.

Lakehouse Kidnap

What an amazing detailed construction!!! My favorite details are definitely the the duck’s legs and the house’s roof.


Lakehouse Kidnap, originally uploaded by 2 Much Caffeine.

Miyajima Torii

Matija Grguric presents a recreation of the famous Miyajima Torii from Japan. The shrine is incredible well done mostly because of the soft way the roof was made.

See more pictures here.

Japanese bell

Today I’ll be presenting a small MOC of a Japanese bell built by Nathan. The construction shows elaborated techniques but very efficient in the end result. I loved the frogs as the final touch.

Japonese barracks

LakMause built a brilliant barracks from ancient Japan. The roof is incredible well done. Make sure you won’t miss the plenty of details by looking at his gallery on Brickshelf.