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Crow’s Nest

November 20, 2013

Crow’s Nest is Legonardo Davidy submission to the “CCC XI Custom Faction” category of Classic Castle Contest XI. The wacky structure and the snow detail is really great. The yellow banners give that final touch and make it just perfect :)

Crow's Nest

LEGO Age of Empires II on Cuusoo

November 7, 2013

the Artizan published two new MOCs related with the world of the Age of Empires II. They follow the same construction techniques, simple but effective :D

This time I would to highlight his project on LEGO Cuusoo for a line of products that would recreate the world of the Age of Empires II. As a big fan of the RTS game this would be an awesome idea (but awful for the wallet). Don’t forget to support his project - - or maybe share it on twitter and facebook.

Last but not least, her’s the new pictures of his two MOCs.

Lego Dock from Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings RTS game.

Lego Stable from AoE2.

Lego Age of Empires II layout

Collaborative Medieval diorama

October 14, 2013

Jimmy Clynche published a photo of this incredible medieval diorama, collaboratively built by eight people and presented for one weekend only at STEAM 2013. The main castle was presented here at HistoryBricks a few days ago.

The diorama captures most of the main daily activities of those medieval times. The outer walls divide the castle area from the villager’s area. The village has some houses under construction, the street market, the dirty ground, wagons, farming activities, and a lot of other delightful details :)

Medieval diorama

Tigelfah Castle

September 18, 2013

James Pegrum is building this massive medieval castle. The amount of details is stunning! In his gallery you may find the farmers working, the soldiers inside the towers rooms in their activities, the castle Lord with his personal guard leaving the castle and many more!


Plan of Tigelfah Castle WIP Tigelfah Castle Hutchinson Tower Tigelfah Castle Mattiusxavier Tower, Tigelfah Castle

The Outer Gate house Tigelfah Castle


Sacking of Colchester by Boudica

October 16, 2012

James Pegrum and Malravion assembled together several MOCs, including the Roman Colchester Theater, bringing to life this awesome roman layout describing an assault of enemy troops into the city.

Read more about this creation at James’s MocPages.

Guide to building a detailed medieval village

November 25, 2011

Derfel Cadarn is one of my favorite MOC builders. He is known for highly detailed MOCs with rather unusual techniques.In this photostream, he presented in detail some suggestions to build a detailed medieval village.I hope you liked it as mush as I do :)


Guide to building a detailed medieval village 242, originally uploaded by - Derfel Cadarn -.

Liberty Inn

November 20, 2011

Incredible work! Was the first and only thing that came to my mind when I saw the Liberty Inn built by ZCerberus.According to the author, the Inn was inspired in the Liberty store in London.


Liberty1, originally uploaded by ZCerberus.

Great West Railway Station

August 17, 2011

Matija keeps surprising us almost every day with a new piece of art. Today he presents a small wooden railway station, built for his club’s western diorama.There are lots of cheese in those walls but the final wooden effect turns to be awesome.


Great West Railway Station, originally uploaded by Matija Grguric.

The medieval city Prhean

February 4, 2011

Just brilliant this medieval layout by Daniel Z. You must explore the incredible detailed castle. It’s just too amazing to write down in words.
I dream of building something like this once day :-)


Prhean, originally uploaded by Daniel Z “DNL”.

Medieval Cafe and Market Street

February 3, 2011

Could you imagine how it would be the Cafe Corner and The Market street during medieval times? Kris kelvin could and made a brilliant MOC based in these two classical LEGO sets.


Medieval Cafe and Market Street, originally uploaded by Kris_Kelvin.


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