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Victorian London Street Life

September 18, 2014

Jonas wanted to build a wall and decided to present this awesome vignette.
The streetlamp is very good but my favourite detail is, definitely, the little bird on his nest!

Victorian London Street Life

Victorian London Street Life by Jonas O.

Grey Beard Wizard Cottage

September 16, 2014

CesBrick became one of my favourite builder with his latest master-pieces (check the Watch Tower).
I like the walls’ texture, the roof and mainly the rock-work. The amount of details is at that perfect level without being to much!

Grey Beard Wizard Cottage

I would like to highlight a small detail that delighted me by its simplicity and effectiveness – the wizard hat representing the water pouring out of the bucket! Awesome touch!

The water pouring out of the bucket


Grey Beard Wizard Cottage by CesBrick (César Soares)

Street of Sionnach

September 12, 2014

Street of Sionnach

Street of Sionnach by de Gothia

The Legend of Zorro

September 7, 2014

The Legend of Zorro by TheBrickAvenger

The Legend of Zorro by TheBrickAvenger

Mitgardian Sheepfold

August 15, 2014

Mitgardian Sheepfold
Mitgardian Sheepfold by soccersnyderi

A typical Tundra Cottage

August 15, 2014

A typical Tundra Cottage
A typical Tundra Cottage by Giorgos Solomonidis

Modular Castle Town Square

August 11, 2014

Modular Castle Town Square
Modular Castle Town Square by frumpybiscuit

Medieval Windmill

August 10, 2014

Medieval Windmill


Medieval Windmill by Dr Ops

Medieval Eldritch’s Carpentry

August 9, 2014

Eldritch's Carpentry
Eldritch’s Carpentry by Giorgos Solomonidis

Watch Tower

August 7, 2014

Do I need to explain the “awesomeness” of this Watch Tower scene?
I suggest that you find a comfortable seat because it will take you a long time to admire all of tiny and fine details you will encounter in the scene ;)
Watch Tower by César Soares


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