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The British ultimatum

August 18, 2010

Cuahchic built an interesting historical moment of the meeting under a wild fig tree on the Lower Thukela Drift, Natal Province, on 11th December 1878, between the Zulu’s king envoys and the British colony representatives. Present at this historic meeting was John Wesley Shepstone – Frere’s representative – who read to the Zulus a British ultimatum. You may read more about it at the MOC’s page.

The tree if the most notable detail were Cuahchic applied good techniques to get the volume effect of the tree leaves.

See more pictures here.

Zimbad Castle

December 29, 2009

Mark Stafford was quite imaginative when he built the Zimbad Castle. The walls are fantastic with the color variance between light and dark tan. Nice work.

I suspect that with the incoming Prince of Persia sets for 2010, more MOCs like this one will start to appear :)

Read the detailed description in MOCPages.


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