Modular Old Pharmacy

Firstly presented on Eurobricks, the Modular Old Pharmacy is a great MOC from Thomas with an interesting historical background.
What might look a bit weird at first sight to have the upper floors smaller than the ground floor, has in fact a good explanation. Like Thomas explained here, this was often done in reality in old buildings in Europe because the price of land was so high. By using this architecture trick, you were able to build larger houses on small grounds.

Modular Old Pharmacy

Modular Old Pharmacy Interior

Enchanted Forest

This diorama from César Soares (aka Cesbrick) is so impressive that is difficult to find words to describe it.
The Enchanted Forest display features the Bluewater castle, Wedgwood House, Morisledge Cottage, Green Lake Tower Ruins and other MOCs that César have made in the past and that he presented on the 6th Arte em Peças held on Paredes de Coura, the annual exhibition of Comunidade 0937 LUG.

Enchanted Forest
Enchanted Forest by César Soares

LEGO Worlds early access first impressions

LEGO announced today their new game – LEGO Worlds! And what a game!!!
No one can’t deny the similarities with minecraft and other voxel-craft games but the visual quality of LEGO Worlds is far more superior than all others in my opinion. The terrain is awesome and highly detailed and it was the first thing I noticed when watched the trailer.

Of course, I’ve rushed to buy the early access release and get my hands on it.
After played it a few minutes my general opinion is positive even for an early access release.

As I said before, the virtual world is highly detailed and visually appealing!
The game starts with the character falling from the skies into this new LEGO-style world which we can start to explore, shape and build.

While the player explores the world, he collects coins and learns about the things he encounters.
The accumulated knowledge may be used later to build new stuff.
The world is populated with a good amount of Non-Playable-Characters (NPCs). Some of them are friendly minifigs, others are animals we can mount (it was fun to ride in a LEGO cow) but others are less friendly and just want to harm the player (damn skeletons!).

After a few minutes to learn the basics and explore the surroundings, I tried to build stuff.
The game offers a large set of tools (maybe too many tools). There are tools for shaping the terrain, tools for building new models (like a in-game LDD), tools for deploying pre-built models, paint stuff, etc.
For those who have experience playing minecraft, I think, they will feel that so many tools is a bit overwhelming compared with the simplicity but powerful way minecraft allows players to shape and build their own world.

I’ll keep posting more comments as I player along. But so far the overall rate is positive and is a game that definitely deserves a shot to be played!

Personally it was a roller coaster of emotions! On one hand I was enjoying the game and appreciating the virtual experience of playing on a LEGO-like world but on the other hand I couldn’t stop feeling defeated as I was working for long time now on a LEGO-like game too that would let players to customize their virtual worlds with LEGO digital models. Fortunately we have anticipated the new incoming LEGO Worlds game and moved to a slightly different gameplay that we hope will be a completely new experience. But that’s a discussion for other time :)