Using LEGO® to simulate ESA’s touchdown on a comet

Another “giant leap for mankind” was taken this week when Rosetta landed on the comet 67P after 10 years of space travelling.
I would like to congratulate all people involved specially for ESA‘s team who is the main responsible for the project and I would like to share this video that explains the landing procedure using LEGO bricks :)

New web design

Hi history readers!

Today I finally refreshed the blog design for something modern, simple and more related with the blog’s content. What do you think of the new color scheme? And the new header that displays by chronological order the historical minifigs published by LEGO Minifig Collection Series?

Stay tuned for more news :D

WWII fleet

I know that’s still work in progress (WIP) but this micro world war II fleet by Paulo Castanho is an awesome work and needs to be shared!
All ships have a great level of detail, specially if we take into account the incredible small scale of 1/350.
Most of the MOCs were already built using real pieces. Be sure you take a few minutes to find them on his Flickr’s gallery ;)

WWII fleet

The above picture shows:
- Enterprise aircraft carrier
- Heavy cruiser Alaska
- Iowa battleship
- USS Cimarron (AO-22) oiler ship
- Destroyer Fletcher classe