New web design

Hi history readers!

Today I finally refreshed the blog design for something modern, simple and more related with the blog’s content. What do you think of the new color scheme? And the new header that displays by chronological order the historical minifigs published by LEGO Minifig Collection Series?

Stay tuned for more news :D

Pictorial Map of Europe

Great work by Matt Base representing Europe’s countries with some of the most iconic monuments. The micro scale work is amazing. Thumbs up also for the map itself!
Pictorial Map of Europe
Pictorial Map of Europe by Matt Bace

Back from vacations

Finally I was able to take two weeks vacation. Unfortunately they will end today but on the other side I found my Brickforge’s package on the mailbox when I got home.
Stay tuned for the incoming review of some of the Brickforge’s Wave 1 of RIGGED WWII items :D

Does anyone struggle with MOCs?

Interesting discussion going on Eurobricks about how to let the creativity flow and start building MOCs.
I struggle myself sometimes to translate into bricks the ideas I have. Most of the times, I’ll use pictures of real buildings (usually historical monuments) as inspiration for my constructions.
How about you?

Here’s the link of the thread:

Granovian Seaport

Granovian Seaport it’s a nice building MOC built by Sir Edwyn. Loved the medieval architecture of the building and the fine details on the walls.

Granovian Seaport

Treasure Island

Recent featured on TBB

Treasure Island

Incredible finding from TBB of this street inspired on the Treasure Island romance and built by Matthew Hurt. Every house has its peculiarities and fine details, with close historical allusions with pirates and the age of discovery.

B-17 Flying Fortress

Recently featured on TBB

B-17 Flying Fortress

The iconic Boeing B-17 “Flying Fortress” returns to the skies with this model by Brian Fitzsimmons. The nose turret and bombardier’s station show considerable detail, including two smaller windows aft of the nose. The sculpting of the wings, in particular, stands out for its elegant shapes.

As impressive the model, Brian’s Flickr feed includes LDD renderings of is model that are also worth checking out.