Black Hollow – Medieval town

I’ve been working quite a lot these last days but no work can be placed first when César Soares presents a new MOC.
Check his new “awesomeness”!!! The town follow the same building style he presented before but the new kind of “cartoonish” diorama and the amazing level of detail per squared brick requires that you take a few moments off to admire the pictures he shared at his Flickr gallery.
Black Hollow
Black Hollow by César Soares

Grey Beard Wizard Cottage

CesBrick became one of my favourite builder with his latest master-pieces (check the Watch Tower).
I like the walls’ texture, the roof and mainly the rock-work. The amount of details is at that perfect level without being to much!

Grey Beard Wizard Cottage

I would like to highlight a small detail that delighted me by its simplicity and effectiveness – the wizard hat representing the water pouring out of the bucket! Awesome touch!

The water pouring out of the bucket


Grey Beard Wizard Cottage by CesBrick (César Soares)