Treasure Island

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Treasure Island

Incredible finding from TBB of this street inspired on the Treasure Island romance and built by Matthew Hurt. Every house has its peculiarities and fine details, with close historical allusions with pirates and the age of discovery.

Today I stumbled in this awesome and giant Czech Hluboká Castle, built by Ryxe and Sanna and published by The Brothers Brick.

Of course, the size not always dictates the quality of the model, but this isn’t the case, where we can find lot of details in the towers and windows.

Czech Hluboká Castle

The Lost Castle

The Lost Castle is one of the most impressive castle constructions that I ever seen. This masterpiece was built by Tender Shadow and as so many cool details and genius techniques that I don’t know where to start. The bridge is one of my favorites. Look how he built the roof. And look at the tower windows. Look again and see how awesome is the gate.

Definitely The Lost Castle will become one of the best constructions of this year!

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