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Hamunaptra: The City of the Dead

July 26, 2014

Hamunaptra: The City of the Dead
Hamunaptra: The City of the Dead by JP_Creations

Story of Moses

December 5, 2011

In a few years from now we’ll see him opening the sea of bricks :D


Eurobricks CMF 5 Contest Category A, originally uploaded by DR.Church.

Micro Abu Simbel – Egypt

October 13, 2010

Jonathan Gilbert (aka Shmails) built a micro Abu Simbel, the famous temple carved into the side of a mountain in Egypt for the MCCVI over at Classic Castle. These micro constructions always fascinated me. I love the techniques to get those great details, such as the dozen of levers to represent the boat’s oars.

See more pictures at his gallery.

Pharaonic dilemma

August 26, 2010

Peter Shutter illustrates a funny situation where the all-mighty pharaoh has to choose what he will wear today. Beside the cool scene, he made an interesting building with a classic Egyptian style.

Egyptian layout – How the pyramids were built

April 2, 2010

This incredible Egyptian layout was assembled by group of builders Robin, Nathan, David, Brickbaron, Andrew, and Scott. The layout includes a small town, a set of cool boats, civilians working on their farms, a temple and, of course, the master piece of this layout – the great pyramid under construction.

See more pictures here.

Egypt goes shopping

November 21, 2009

Also part of the PLUG‘s exhibition on El Corte Inglês this great Egyptian layout was built by Fernando Correia and Paulo Castanho. I really liked the avenue where we see the pharaoh on its chariot and the amazing pyramid with the sarcophagus hidden in its interior.


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