Brick Warriors – Parts reviews (1 of 4)


It was a nice surprise for me when I first read the invitation from Brick Warriors to write a review about their custom parts. They would send me a sample of their parts that I could analyse and write down the review.

I must confess that at the beginning I was a bit skeptical about what could I get. But all the doubts flew away after I opened the small bag with the pieces.

The quality of the plastic was near excellent, even better than many official LEGO parts (I’m not a great fan of the soft plastic used in many recent parts made by LEGO) and the overall design of the parts were also rather good.

I decided to divide this review into four parts (counting with this introduction) so I could get into details in each part. Without more delays, here’s the picture of all parts kindly offered by Brick Warriors.

I wish you all a happy and prosper new year!!!

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2 Responses to “Brick Warriors – Parts reviews (1 of 4)”

  1. Fernando Correia Says:

    Wow Guilherme!

    You’re getting an audience. :)
    The parts look really nice. I also wish LEGO never used that horrible soft plastic.

    • gsantos81 Says:

      Yeah! Last year was a nice year for History Bricks. I just wish that my work allowed me more free time to write more posts :(

      Concerning the soft plastic, I’m definitely in your team. I don’t like the kind of plastic they have been using to make most of the minifigs accessories. It’s not LEGO…

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