The Princess Ceinwyn


Hi everyone. I have been out for some time but returned for a new season of historical posts :-)

I would like to open this new season in History Bricks with a MOC of one of my favorite builders – Derfel Cadarn. Just look at this princess and how beautiful she is with those incredible details. The whips are definitely my favorite building technique.


The Princess Ceinwyn, originally uploaded by - Derfel Cadarn -.

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2 Responses to “The Princess Ceinwyn”

  1. Ted Says:

    It is beautiful. When I first saw this on EuroBricks I nearly cried at its awesomeness.

    One correction though, the whips were glued on so its not really a “building technique”.

    • gsantos81 Says:

      Damn. You absolutely right.
      At the first glance it appears to me that Derfel used normal plates with a hook to fix the whips.
      I would prefer the use of plates rather then glue, which is a bit disappointed… however the ship stills to be an awesome MOC.

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