Pictures of LEGO Castle 2011


I wish you all a Happy Christmas in the company of your family and dear ones. HistoryBricks gives you a nice pictures of the new Castle LEGO sets for 2011 and I hope you like them as much as I do.

Apparently LEGO Company broke the tradition of publishing a new castle but compensates with an amazing civilian set – The Windmill. I was waiting for civilians sets at ages and this one promises a bright future :-)

Check the new farm animals. The picture is far too small to see them clear but I guess that they are chickens and rabbits goats.

Thanks to spacemarine for sharing the pictures at PLUG’s forum.

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5 Responses to “Pictures of LEGO Castle 2011”

  1. Jetro Says:

    I see goats and buckets

  2. gsantos81 Says:

    I think you are right about the goats. They’re goats, not rabbits.
    But the chickens still chickens to me :)

  3. Jetro Says:

    Oh, I didn’t mean there are no chickens, I simply liked the buckets you can see next to the goats.
    Anyway, where do you see chicken?

  4. gsantos81 Says:

    Well spotted! I didn’t noticed the buckets before.
    You can see the chicken just beside the soldier that took with the apple in the helmet.

  5. Jetro Says:


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